Alpacas for Sale
 Huacaya Bred Female (47)   Huacaya Open Female (27)   Huacaya Male (17) 
Huacaya Bred Female
 Amber Autumn Ivory35405689BeigeUnproven4
 BlueGenes' Licketty Split31128674Medium Silver GreyProven12
 Crescent Moon's Accoyo Calla Lily31764865WhiteProven9$12,500
 H2R Allegra35207641Light BrownUnproven3
 H2R Angel's Dream32804973Medium Fawn, Dark FawnProven5$8,000
 H2R Angel's Envy Medium BrownUnproven4
 H2R Awe-Yeah35207542Light FawnUnproven5
 H2R Black Opal True BlackProven5
 H2R Emelia Dark FawnProven6$12,000
 H2R Infinit Velvet35207689Dark BrownUnproven3
 H2R JuneBug32632897Medium FawnProven8$12,500
 H2R Luna Eclipse Dark FawnProven5
 H2R Majestic Velvet  Unproven2
 H2R Moondance Medium FawnUnproven3
 H2R Serandipity35363637WhiteProven4
 H2R Seraphina32632880WhiteProven8
 H2R Serenity Moonbeam32838282WhiteProven7
 H2R Shasta Daisy Light FawnProven6$10,000
 H2R Teaker35494461WhiteUnproven3$7,500
 H2R Too Hot To Touch35207665Medium BrownProven3
 H2R Velvet Kiss35207801Light FawnUnproven5$8,500
 H2R Velvet Love Struck35207610Dark FawnProven3
 H2R Velvet Queen35363675Light FawnUnproven4
 H2R Velvet Serenity35207658Medium FawnProven3
 H2R Velvet Trouble True BlackUnproven3
 H2R VelveTiki32838015BeigeProven6$8,000
 H2R Vera Velvet35363569WhiteProven4
 Majestic Meadows Awethum32747348Light BrownProven8
 Majestic's Sasha Medium FawnProven5
 Patagonia's Tita31690768Dark FawnProven11
 Snowmass Almandine32123685Dark FawnProven10$12,500
 Snowmass Blissfull Rose32124262WhiteProven11
 Snowmass Everlasting Whispers35155744Light BrownProven6
 Snowmass Infinit Passion32350487Light FawnProven10
 Snowmass Parisian Sunset XX35207573Light BrownProven3
 Snowmass Pure Grace32802009Light BrownProven9
 Snowmass Scarlet Velvet32789416Dark FawnProven8
 Snowmass Serenity Sunbeam31349840BeigeProven13
 Snowmass Silky Splendor35263173Light BrownProven7
 Snowmass Summer Sunset XX32800524Light BrownProven-
 Snowmass Touch of Royalty32789737Dark FawnProven7
 Snowmass Velvet Lace35263142Dark FawnProven7
 Snowmass Vendetta XX35494379Dark FawnUnproven3
 TGF Lynnea32097900Medium FawnProven11
 TGF Riikka31646475WhiteProven11
 TGF Sevana32626049WhiteProven9$9,000
 Xanadu Smitten Medium FawnProven6
Huacaya Open Female
 H2R 38's Special Edition32382105Medium BrownProven9$6,000
 H2R Amrita35494430Dark FawnUnproven2
 H2R Angel's Victoria35586760Medium FawnUnproven1
 H2R Dream Catcher Dark FawnUnproven1
 H2R Everlasting Fantasy Medium FawnUnproven1
 H2R Everlasting Gaga Dark FawnUnproven1
 H2R Everlasting Jade Dark BrownUnproven1
 H2R Everlasting JuJu WhiteUnproven1
 H2R Everlasting Moonpie WhiteUnproven1
 H2R Hot Tamale Medium FawnUnproven1
 H2R Lunar Halo35494584Dark FawnUnproven1
 H2R Lunar Soleil Medium FawnUnproven<1
 H2R Lyra Light BrownUnproven5$4,000
 H2R Maleeka Bay BlackUnproven1
 H2R SassyPants  Unproven1
 H2R Sweet Dreams35494409Medium BrownUnproven2
 H2R Valacey Light FawnUnproven1
 H2R Valencia35494492WhiteUnproven2
 H2R Valentina35586425WhiteUnproven2
 H2R Velvet Promise Medium BrownUnproven1
 H2R Velvet Sky BeigeUnproven1
 MFI Shades of Midnight32588859Medium Silver GreyProven10$6,000
 Red Granites Sugar35123538Dark FawnProven5
 Snowmass Ambrosian Angel XX Medium FawnProven11
 Snowmass Charmed Teardrop35155997Medium FawnProven5
 Snowmass Golden Laurel32800685Dark FawnProven9
 Snowmass Lovely Lynn WhiteUnproven3
Huacaya Male
 38's Totem NS32116700Medium BrownProven10$15,000
 H2R Alexander35363576WhiteUnproven4$500
 H2R Bombay Royale Light BrownUnproven<1
 H2R Bossanova Light FawnUnproven5$10,000
 H2R Hossenpfeffer Medium FawnUnproven6
 H2R Kavalier WhiteUnproven1
 H2R Mandrake35363620WhiteUnproven3$500
 H2R Motown Blues35494362Light FawnUnproven3
 H2R Nobel Bishop32632903WhiteNon-Breeder8$500
 H2R Sterlyn Rose32632866Medium Rose GreyUnproven8$12,500
 H2R Valentino Medium FawnUnproven1
 H2R Valerian32838299WhiteProven7
 H2R Velvet Special35363606Medium BrownUnproven5$8,000
 Snow Diamond Absinthe35361749Medium FawnUnproven4
 Snowmass Port Smoke35207719Light BrownUnproven4
 Snowmass Silk Ventures35207634 Unproven3
 Snowmass Velvet Touche31778664Light BrownProven11
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