Reserve Champ 2014 Futurity

Mama's kiss

4 days old

5 hours old


This Futurity Reserve Champ can be yours
H2R 38's Special Edition

Huacaya, Female, Proven | Medium Brown

ARI# 32382105, D.O.B. 6/16/2012,

Sire: Aussie .38 Special ARI# 1389081 Light Rose Grey  
Dam: BlueGenes' Licketty Split ARI# 31128674 Medium Silver Grey  


Well we were hoping for grey but instead we got the next best thing . . . . . An Aussie .38 Maroon daughter!!! She popped out with crimp every where. You just have those that you know are special and just hope they stay together for the long haul. So far so good!!! I call her my little popcorn girls because her fiber twists into these perfect tiny little bundles. Her mother Licketty has been a fabulous maiden mom. I know it may be early but we can't wait to get this girl in the show ring.

2013 Fleece Stats:
AFD-18.7, SD-4.6, CV-24.7%, >30-2.1%
2014 Fleece Stats:
AFD-19.3, SD-4.2, CV-21.6%, >30-2.2%
2015 Fleece Stats:
AFD-22.1, SD-4.8, CV-21.7%, >30-5.1%-Grid Sample
2016 Fleece Stats:
AFD-22.1, SD-4.6, CV-20.9%, >30-4.6%-Midside
2017 Fleece Stats:
AFD-22.8, SD-4.5, CV-19.5%, >30-4.6%-Midside


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