Fiber/Scientific Data

2023Fleece Weight 0.359 | 30%
2023Mean Staple Length -0.972 | 25%
2023Percent Medullation -3.276 | 10%
2023Mean Curvature 3.878 | 10%
2023% of Fibers > 30 Microns -7.761 | 2%
2023Spin Fineness -2.054 | 3%
2023Standard Deviation -0.4 | 15%
2023Average Fiber Diameter -2.021 | 2%
2023Estimated EPDs Trait Value | Rank
Crimpy, Bundled and Fine!
Stargazer's Nova

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Beige

ARI# 35374190, D.O.B. 9/25/2022, Full Peruvian



Sire: RT Amadeus ARI# 35374213 Medium Fawn  
Dam: Stargazer's Catena ARI# 1215144 White  


White and lights are central to the development and success of the North American alpaca industry. But if you're going to breed white you need to be using a top male.

Nova has a pedigree that places him well into herdsire category. What makes him special and someone to consider is he has a touch of fawn on his head and topline. It is believed that whites/lights born with fawn ears and/or a fawn topknot and dorsal stripe are probably carrying a black allele indicating they cover black. This is an ideal method to infuse excellent white fleece characteristics into darker colors.

His estimated EPDs show that he will likely rank in the top 2-3% for several traits and be an outlier to bring in more than expected staple length and fleece weight.

The only thing left is to see how well he develops.