Foundation Herd
 Suri (11) 
Eye Catching Luster!
ARI# 35122135   D.O.B. 9/3/2016
Suri, Female, Unproven, 3 yrs old Light Brown
Dam: Tapestry's Quintessence

This young female is an eye catcher and we're excited to bring her into our breeding program! Cocobolo’s phenomenal fleece captured not only our eyes, but those of senior...   read more

6x Champ | Outstanding Density, FIneness & Luster!
ARI# 35113225   D.O.B. 9/18/2015
Suri, Female, Proven, 4 yrs old White
Sire: Pucara Kahuna

We're very excited to bring Big Timber's Osage Misae into our breeding program! Osage has an outstanding combination of very fine, and dense fleece with brilliant lu...   read more

1x Champ | Electrofyre Daughter - Fleece Machine!
ARI# 32451153   D.O.B. 6/25/2015
Suri, Female, Unproven, 5 yrs old White
Sire: WLK Electrofyre
Dam: Toni's Sapaccoyo Raggy Doll
Service Sire: Eldora's Accoyo Bravo by Rockstar

We are excited to bring China Doll into the 2 Point Farm foundation herd! She brings a very heavy fleece, along with fineness, luster, uniformity and lock which we value ...   read more

5x Champ | 1% EPD -- 5X Champion -- Tempo Daughter!
ARI# 35309581   D.O.B. 9/8/2016
Suri, Female, Unproven, 3 yrs old Beige
Sire: Eldora's Tempo by Rockstar
Service Sire: WLK Electrofyre

We are very excited to add this female to our breeding program! Cameo has fabulous EPDs and she is a 5 time Champion winner, with Best Luster and Best Lock awards from A...   read more

True Black Rockstar Granddaugher
ARI# 35309611   D.O.B. 9/5/2016
Suri, Female, Unproven, 3 yrs old White, True Black
Sire: Eldora's Zaliki
Dam: Rockstar's Accoyo Duet

We call her 'Cookie' and she is the most fetching thing you've ever seen. She wears a black and white formal gown with a little splash of grey on the tip of her nose. ...   read more

Full Peruvian Maxx Macgyver Daughter
ARI# 32194890   D.O.B. 6/5/2011
Suri, Female, Proven, 9 yrs old True Black
Sire: WRSR Maxx Macgyver
Dam: WLK Peruvian Zara

Zuna is a beautiful Full Peruvian, True Black female, with award winning parents and multiple show awards of her own. Judge’s comment from the 2014 Alpaca Association of...   read more

The reason we fell in love with Suri's
ARI# 31162302   D.O.B. 8/29/2008
Suri, Female, Proven, 11 yrs old Medium Fawn
Sire: ATC Vegas By Torbio
Dam: Cali Zada

Ashley is the reason we fell in love with Suri alpacas. She was our very first. She is a lovely girl with a unique pattern of fawn and light colored fleece. She is eas...   read more

Beautiful Copper Mahogany Daughter!
ARI# 35206859   D.O.B. 8/14/2015
Suri, Female, Unproven, 5 yrs old Light Brown
Sire: Copper Mahogany
Dam: USA Peruvian Penelope

OAF Copper Pretty Penny is a beautiful female with a nice combination of staple length, uniformity, fleece weight and fineness! She ranks in the top 10% for mean staple...   read more

4x Champ | AOA Supreme Champion, Supreme Genetics!
ARI# 35082583   D.O.B. 9/8/2016
Suri, Female, Proven, 3 yrs old Beige
Sire: Tikanui (Pucara Puresuri Tikanui)
Dam: Dixie (Puddle's Dixie)
Service Sire: WLK Electrofyre

Meet Supreme Champion Tikanui's Venus of Harmony! Venus' first cria is 2 Point Farm's Edison by Electrofyre born in June 2019 and he is amazing! She is a great mom ...   read more

1/2 Accoyo, Multiple Champion Producer
ARI# 31843737   D.O.B. 10/19/2008
Suri, Female, Proven, 11 yrs old White
Sire: LCA Accoyo Dinero

We are so excited to add a proven champion producer like Raggy Doll to our breeding program! Dolly delivered a healthy boy on June 12, 2017 sired by our own Eldora's ...   read more

Multi-Champion Genetics
ARI# 35183853   D.O.B. 6/9/2016
Suri, Female, Proven, 4 yrs old Light Fawn
Sire: Black Beau of PVA

WI Brianna joined the 2 Point Farm breeding program in 2018. She is a lustrous, fine and dense female, with multi-champion genetics. Her sire Black Beau is a true b...   read more

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