2014 fleece - SEE HISTOGRAM

Super Density!

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Fiber/Scientific Data

201723.31/ 4.5/ 3.93/ 93.17%/ 65mm
2015Micron Count: 19.47/3.94/20.26/98.36/80.0
201418.88/ 4.05/ 21.45/ 98.36
Carrying full sibling to Duke Ellington!
RR MAGDALENA - embryo transfer carrier

Huacaya, Female, Proven | Medium Brown

ARI# 32661941, D.O.B. 9/17/2011,

Sire: RR GUNS ABLAZIN' -15x banner winner ARI# 31332170 Dark Fawn  
Service Sire: RR TOUCHSTONE - 9X CC/RCC ARI# 32661590 Medium Brown Due Date: 9/14/2017  


Dad is RR Gun's A'Blazin'...'nuff said.
Mom is mom to Snowmass Midnight Sun, who stood at stud for 4 years on or farm and is an outstanding producer and also RR Legato Grigio, our very hot grey junior herdsire.

It's easy to overuse the term "elite" in describing fleece...but hard to play with numbers.

Magdalena has a killer fleece and analytics to back up what we believe is an elite superdense fleece, not surprising, given her dad's stats and production.

Color Champion at first show 2013: Alpacamania, Judge Diana Timmerman

2014 Micron Count: 18.88/ 4.05/ 21.45/ 98.36

Magdalena's biopsy done at just under age 2 through Ian Watt is remarkable not only for it's very superior density, but both her primary and secondary fiber populations have SDs under 2.8 and the differential between the two is less than 5 microns. That's pretty impressive in any color, let alone brown.

Density 63.6
S:P 12.2:1
In skin mean P 24.3 SD 2.7
In skin mean S 19.6 SD 2.8

Magdalena is being offered rebred to RR Arturo whose biopsy and serial histograms hinted at "super stud"... but now he has made his case with outstanding cria fleeces, possessing his incredible length, density, uniformity and exceptional hand...and he has pulled grey out of brown!


Alpacamania 2013