9/11/13 Belleza

RR Lancelot CC at 2yo

RR Coltrane RCC behind brother...

RR Miles Davis

Service sire; RR Dizzie Gillespie

Fiber/Scientific Data

2018 23.0/ 5.1/ 22.1/ comfort factor 91.4%
201723.18, 4.17, 21.46/ 91.26
2015Micron Count: 22.06/4.7/21.33/94.52/75.0
2014Micron Count: 20.65/ 4.29/ 20.78/ 97.24
2013Micron Count: 20.4/ 4.4/ 21.7/ 97.2%
Black Beauty, with female cria
RR BELLEZA NERA -Unrivaled density!

Huacaya, Female, Unproven | True Black

ARI# 31620048, D.O.B. 9/14/2011, 7/8 Peruvian



Sire: Snowmass Midnight Sun ARI# 30820425 Light Fawn  
Dam: Snowmass Casanova's Myst ARI#  
Service Sire: RR LEGATO GRIGIO - SOLD TO CASCADE ROSE ALPACAS ARI# 31620031 Dark Silver Grey Due Date: 5/26/2019  


We like everything about her from conformation to fiber to her intense non fading black color.
She has a remarkable production history, having produced 3 true black males, all of whom were champions and herd sires...Blossom Dearie is her first daughter and showing the same promise.

It shouldn't come as a surprise in that Belleza is the 3rd densest female yet biopsied by Ian Wat and the densest black.

Follicle Density:
S:P 12.6:1 (watt)

This is further enhanced by histograms showing sustained fineness.

For her current breeding we have chosen RR Dizzy Gillespie, our "chosen" Legato Grigio son. He was selected for his sturdy compact phenotype, outstanding fleece and follicle testing (by skin biopsy) analytics and his dominant roan genetics.

Dizzy is what is referred to as a "strawberry roan" (modern light rose grey in the show ring). He is one a large number of roans that we have been breeding for in our herd with a dominant pattern of inheritance through three generations. The genomics are are continuing to be evaluated in the grey color genetics study being currently done by Kylie Munyard PhD and Samantha Brooks PhD.

The full genomic sequence is being done on the Dizzy Gillespie and 17 of his relatives...and more to come.
None of the roans have anything other than complete color uniformity in the blanket.
We believe that genomic markers will result in the breeder using him to have the earliest use of genomics to develop a breeding strategy and will mirror the experience of roan horse breeders.

We are very optimistic about the outcome of this pregnancy next spring.


SWRAS Sarah Jane McLennan
Produce of Dam, 2016 Gold Country gathering (RR Lancelot and RR Coltrane)
Produce of Dam (RR Lancelot and RR Coltrane)