Rosehaven's Peruvian Timoor

Huacaya, Male, Unproven | Medium Brown

ARI# 31878814, D.O.B. 9/21/2009,

Sire: Perucoyo Tamerlane ARI# 1410716  
Dam: MFI Peruvian Tamerlane ARI# 1410716  


Rosehaven's Peruvian Timoor is an interesting story. His sire is Nyala's Perucoyo Tamerlane, and Timoor is another spelling for that legendary persona. And just as legendary is the lineage that this young male carries. One Tamerlane he has Camilio, and Camilio's Accoyo the Babe, on our dams side MFI Peruvian Aboliana she is a Matador daughter and a Silvino granddaughter.
We of course were hoping to get a rose grey male or female from this breeding, but this lovely dark brown works too. We are avoiding really staring at Timoor's fleece till he is a little older. since a watch pot never boils........
come back and stare with us