5 months old Pretty as a Picture

Presense Presense Presense

17 AFD age 2! Dam is 19AFD age 11...the grey in her fleece is black peat pasture dirt

360 days old



Fiber/Scientific Data

201116.05AFD 3.16SD 19.67CV 100.0 CF
2010: 14.78 2.98 20.2 100.0
Cactus Jack daughter 17AFD age 2!
AROSA's Peruvian Bonita

Huacaya, Female, Proven | White

ARI# 32043396, D.O.B. 6/19/2010, Full Peruvian



14 AFD

Sire: MFI Peruvian Cactus Jack ARI# 30338166 Medium Brown  
Dam: Hemingway's Elise ARI# 805281 White  
Service Sire: AROSA Tuscan Black ARI# 31616980 Bay Black, True Black Due Date: 9/11/2013  


Bonita has been bred to our Suave's McDreamy. A lingering fineness match made in heaven. Bonita is holding a 16-17 afd age 2, her 14 year old dam is holding 19afd , and her grandsire is Hemingway. Now, consider she is bred to 17afd 2 year old McDreamy, whose sire was Rico Suave holding 16 afd age 10, and his dam , Crystal is maintaining 21 AFD age 7 with a 17 CV, AND, grandsire is Hemingway, I think we have lingering fineness covered dont you?

Bonita is exceptionally fine and has an exceptionally lingering fine dam, named Hemingways Elise . Why do I mention this in the first paragraph of Bonitas listing? Elise maintains 19 AFD age 10 with a curve of 54. We are torn on whether we should sell sweet Bonita. She is a definate improvement over her amazing dam and we know she carries very dark recessive color gene because her sire is Cactus Jack. She is one of the Prettiest females we hae ever produced on our farm and a 16 micron fleece to boot! Excellent chance she will wind up on our foundation list.

You could spend 10 years of breeding and not suceeed in matching this fineness pedigree, think about it! Is there any doubt Bonita will produce ultra fineness?

AROSA = Full Histogram Disclosure...Shop and compare!!

Bonita's curve is 53 in 2012, interesting because her dam , Elise is about the same

2013 age 3 -- 18.18afd 3.67SD 20.2 CV 99.06
2012 age 2 year old 17.26AFD 3.25SD 18.83CV 100.0 CF
2011 age 1 year old 16.05AFD 3.16SD 19.67CV 100.0 CF 45 Curve
2010 2 months old 14.78AFD 2.98SD 20.2CV 100.0 CF

Bonitas histogram came in at 14.78 AFD at month old with a curve of 45. Her sire is very phenotype 8X champion, Cactus Jack, who we chose to bring in some color, but as you can see it didnt work out.
We like this girl. She is very straight, with nice coverage and a pretty head. Her fleece is showing us a dense, high frequency crimp with a very soft hand.
Overall, we are pleased with the quality we got from this pairing.

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Place 2011 Buckeye white juvi halter. Judge said she was finest in class, and she could expect to move up in placings as she matured.
Place 2012 Best of US white yearling halter. Judge said "finest in the class , Extremely uniform fleece and very densce"