12X Get winner

True Black National Champion Offspring!---Prince PoppyCock is a perfect example of the consistency o

13 Get Wins.......2010-11 Indiana Invtl.......2010 OABA....2010--11 Best US....

Prince at 7 months and 2 years old

Another Prince Champ son, & Princes first True Black offspring

Fiber/Scientific Data

2011FIVE years old -- 24.01 4.78 19.91 90.63
May 2008First shearing blanket weighed 11 lbs
May 20082008: 18.37 3.96 21.54 99.49
Sep 21 20092009: 22.17 4.11 18.54 96.14
12X champ, 2X AOBA Champ, 15 Get of Sire
SBS Crown Prince

Suri, Herdsire (Male), Proven | White

ARI# 30009675, D.O.B. 7/7/2006, Full Peruvian



1/2 interest
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Dam: ARIZONA SAGE ARI# 831554  


Great things are happening for Crown Prince offspring!......who would have thunk? a white male producing a black National champion out of a brown dam? hmmmm, well, that is exactly why we bought CRown Prince 5 years ago! He never ceasees to amaze us.
Crown PRince son, Fresh Prince, won 2012 AOBA Nationals BLACK suri male champion!!!! Yep, Fresh Prince is taking after his GREAT sire Crown Prince, Winning national championship at age 9 months. You want National Champion Color, with no MacGyver? Prince is where you get it, Folks! Congrats Mystic Springs on this great win!

35 Crown Prince crias coming 2012! Should be an exciting year. We have only 3 coming of our own, but ALL over the country Prince crias will be out there for evaluation. 8 Champion offspring, ALL from non champion DAMS!!!!!
Many suri breeders have figured it out ( and a few huacaya breeders too!), Crown Prince is PREPOTENT !!

Another BLACK offspring! That makes 3, so far and none of them are out of Black bloodlines!!!!!!... We just sold one Black Prince daughter to Australia, word is getting out!

Need an Impact male? Well, Prince is certainly filling the bill here! He is turning out champion after champion from mediorce dams who never won in the ring. He definately fits my definition of PREPOTENT!!!!!

AROSA = Full histogram disclosure, please shop and compare!!

Avg staple grth .5mm/day!!!!!!!!!!!

5-yr 24.01 4.78 19.91 90.63
2-yr 18.37 3.96 21.54 99.49
3-yr 22.17 4.11 18.54 96.14

Crown Prince is the ONLY back to back 2X AOBA Nationals white halter Suri Champion!
......who just so happens to have put 15 champions on the ground in his first 3 full years of breeding and all of them from non champion dams!!***** The offspring won championships in multiple color classes.

So how does a 12X Champion, 2X AOBA Champ, 2007 Futurity champ, follow up such an incredible show career?
Well, how about 15 Get of Sire wins , and 15 Champion offspring . But better yet, how about these 15 champion offspring coming from NON-Champion dams?......an excellent indication of Prince's prepotency !

...Prince's early production highlights
5 Black offspring !
5 brown offspring !
13 champion offspring
THEN...... 15 Get of Sire BLUES!...using over a dozen offspring in competition!!!! at 3) Best of US, 2) Indiana Invtl, 3)OABA, NE Expo,2012 MOPACA.2012 GWAS,2012 Buckeye,National Champions Show

View Crown Prince's offspring's Championships below under Awards.
Why are Princes offspring winning? Well, the judges tell us that they are "densest in the class" ," incredible independent lock structure", "best solidity of lock in the class", "very fine", " Very lusterous" , "phenominal coverage!"

looks like Crown Prince's 12X White Championhip banners, 20+ BLUES, 2-time AOBA Championships & Futurity Championship were excellent indicators of things to come!. Ya Dont see this correlation that often.


15) Get of SIRE ( accomplished with the owner owning ONLY 4 breeding non-champion suri dams)
Best of US 2011,
2010 Indiana Invtl
Best of US 2010
2010 OABA
2011 Indiana Invtl.
2011 North East
2011 OABA
Best of US 2012
2011 Ohio Buckeye
2011 GWAS
OABA Champion //
Color Champion 2008 Buckeye
Champion Indiana Invtl, level 5
Resv Champion // 2008 AOBA Nationals white
resv Champion // 2008 Indiana Invtl level 5 show
Resv Champion // 2008 Kentucky Classic
Champion National Champions show Fleece
Champion/2008 National Champions Alpaca Show
Champion /// 2007 Empire white halter
Resv. Champion /// 2007 AOBA Nationals halter
Reserve Champion /// 2007 Futurity halter
Champion /// 2008 WOTC Emerald halter
Champion /// 2008 WOTC Diamond Halter Lavonna
BEST of SHOW 2008 WOTC chmpshp of champs
1st Place // 2008 AOBA Nationals
1st Place // 2008 Buckeye level 5
1st Place /// 2007 AOBA Nationals halter juvi
1st Place/// 2007 Futurity juvi halter
1st Place /// 2007 Empire White ylng halter
1st Place // 2007 Buckeye juvi halter
1st Place// 2008 TC Diamond yrlng halter McConnel
1st Place// 2008 WOTC diamond
1st Place// 2008 Indiana Invtl yrlng level-5
1st Place// 2008 Kentucky Cl
1st Place // 2008 National Champions
1st Place// Natinal Champions fleece
1st Place//2008 OABA
1st Place // 2008 Buckeye
15 Champion offspring
Fresh Prince Black Best of US 2012
Fort Knox by Crown Prince 2012 CABO, 2012 Best US, MOPACA, GWAS
AROSA Tula female champion 2011 National Champions Show and 2012 Buckeye
Breeze white color champion 2011 BEST f US
Emily Fawn reserve champion 2010 Buckeye
Jai white color champion 2010 National champion
BH Morgan fawn reserve champion 2010 National Champion
Prince PoppyCock Reserve Champion 2011 Buckeye
AROSA Forte 2013 National Champions
Manions Annaleigh 2013 Buckeye